1.11.18 (A brief sketch of self, a fulfilling guitar session, On noble Max the three legged dog, cold feet, the power of birds)

9ish, I’m sitting here writing while Britney puts the kids to bed. Had a crazy guitar lesson, getting to the upper-intermediary stages (a soulless description, no doubt) where I can just go through simple version of a lot of songs, the first time. Specifically through this Youtube Guitar Guru, Munson Music Live.

Started with a slower version of Rocky Raccoon, then I like. But this time I stuck with it, and it actually helped my strumming, trying to slow down and play it along with Munson. Then I did Elvis, Can’t Help Falling In Love With You, and I again the slowness sort of annoyed me, but I went with it, until towards the end where I unconsciously started breaking the 1/4 notes into sixteenth notes, sort of improvising along with the video. After that I went to one that challenges my strumming Tom Petty’s Running Down A Dream, the fast version of that is a challenge to my wrist. But more and more I find myself able to rely on the muscle memory built up in my hands, and actually relax while I’m doing, take that forth dimensional perspective, where I can enjoy or critique what I am doing, see between the segments of music. Then I went on a random chain, Genesis/Land of Confusion, Fleetwood Mac/The Chain and Gypsy, and the last one the good bass strumming, strumming, strumming, through the cords felt very natural, and right along with the music. And it hit me, I was actually playing, like really playing. Hours and hours of sucking, and I probably am still not all that good, but still I can say I know what its like to play the guitar. The full thing, not just faking.

Let me tell you about another creature that doesn’t fake it. Max, the three-legged, semi-adopted farm dog. He came with 1900s house. He’s its official Dog of the Watch. He barks mightily at the vehicles as they hit the stop sign, or go flying passed on the dirt road. He dutifully tracks, all range of animals, coyotes, possums, deer. He’s invaluable. He’s technically the neighbor’s dogs, but I think he was owned by their Father, who lived here prior, I believe. He sleeps under our front deck, and likes to sunbath on the porch. Some asshole down the street shot his leg off, told our neighbors that he was going after their dog. That seems impossible, but who knows, young four legged, freedom loving, dogs can be something. He his a younger sister, a beauty named Lady. And the freezing temperatures iced her electric leash, so sometimes she gets off too. She likes to hop, but like Max, has to be respected for her benefits, namely keep the coyotes and strays away.

It was a wintry mix this morning. Sleet and snow, all hell really. Lil salt particles of ice that whipped against the house. Cold winds that make you run for it. And there was Max, enduring it all, outside as always. Thought of bringing him, but realized it wouldn’t work (Lady too, she stared at me longingly, chained up in the barn). We do let the him downstairs in the basement when the storms comes. He appreciates that, hates the thunder I think. Tries to push the door at times, but he was loving the snow, skipping around in it, making his rounds. I noticed the birds too this winter, especially. How do they do it? Survive the snow, I mean. Even more so the birds. So little. You think about how much blood they got in them, probably not enough to fill half a coffee cup. But I saw it today, a black and grey Finch (not sure if it was a Finch at all), with that striking red on his head, gripping the large tree in our yards. How do they do it? My heels hurt from the holes in my shoes….

16 thoughts on “1.11.18 (A brief sketch of self, a fulfilling guitar session, On noble Max the three legged dog, cold feet, the power of birds)

  1. That’s awesome. The amount of blood in a bird, cool thought. Loved this riff of yours here, akin to your strumming maybe? Good songs you’re playing there, I can see you playing man. Keep it up.

      1. I dabbled for a time but no more. Right now I’m listening to slow dives latest record and think I would like to learn the song “star roving.”

      2. I’ll check both those out. That’s what’s great about that Munson Music channel, easy, accessible, way to jam. Like being in a band, but no judgement or hard egos. And it’s blast being able to participate with songs you loved hearing on the radio. Just read your post, you should eat a couple of your goodies from the shop and strum!!! Good for the soul.

      3. Lol, what better place to be! Like climbing them mountains, often we got to feel overwhelmed to feel alive. We get numb to the fear, and then we stop living.

      4. Oh I like that. Wife and I been meditating on Proverbs, which states Fear is the beginning of wisdom, a hard concept for our modern minds (prolly any mind in history really) to accept. Never read any Castaneda, going have to look into that too.

      5. Ah yes, now I recall. Always felt a strong draw to Don Quixote too, thought that would be fun to go read in Spanish. I neither speak or write Spanish fluently, but brief interludes with Latin and Spanish 1/2 make me think I could probably struggle through a read. Be a fun challenge. Read u saying u were done climbing mountains? Might have to take a trip out there and prove you wrong! 😁 I also have never really climbed a mountain, but again for reasons unknown am sure of my ability.

      6. No I’m not done climbing. Climbing is just one foot in front of t’other and mental stamina as much as physical. Good gear helps too.

      7. I think we should (and will) transcend the digital realm. You also happen to live in an area I’m particularly enamored with. Hope you have a great one friend. Got to get out of this bed and get some breakfast.

      8. Yeah and your two hours ahead of me so no excuse! I’m into my second coffee and finishing my first record.

      9. Maybe in a sense the Castaneda carries over the HST thread from this week, but with actual spirituality and depth

      10. And hopefully love, HST got a lot of ladies, but was incredibly abusive. Probably my real grip with him. Got an irrational love (and prolly hatred) for the ladies myself.

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