On Casting Spells (The Power of Language) 

Magic (no “k” here you sons of bitches) is the conscious application of will to change the material world. Simple enough, right? What is the difference between spelling and spell casting? I’m suggesting not much really. 

We know this intuitively, and operate in the matrix of the thing typically unconsciously. Typically because most of us aren’t magicians, aren’t padwans on our way to Masterdom. 

I am, in fact a Jedi Knight, so I think of these things all the time. And it really is a peculair situation to start seeing the world this way. For instance, a mother lecturing their child in the check out aisle, suddenly transforms said child into a forty-year potbellied alcoholic of future self, then it snaps back to the frustrated, curse struck child. A casual conversation with a spouse is suddenly elevated to a Harry Potter like battle of wizards, sans wans. Wait, perhaps wands, are at play with husbands and wives. In any case, I challenge you to take a deep breath, still the mind and listen to the words (only need to borrow an “l” from spells to get worlds) around you and the ones that issue forth from you, and see what world is being created around you. 

One of the most enlightening habits I ever began was when I started writing at the top of each journal entry “I can do anything”. This one small habit essentially transformed my whole reality. I suggest you give it a try. 

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