Guest Post: 3 Reasons Why You Should Start Writing Flash Fiction

My thoughts exactly!

Hamilpuff Talks

–by Der Raumdeuter

But what is Flash Fiction?

Flash Fiction is an umbrella term for works of fiction that are of “extreme brevity” shorter than a short story. You may have heard its other names namely short story, micro fiction, Twitter fiction and short shorts. There are contentions on how long a flash fiction should be. But for James Thomas, the person who coined the term flash fiction, the genre must have a word count of 750 or below. In literary contests and call for submissions, it is on the publisher’s discretion to impose a specific word cap on the piece entries.

Despite its brevity, a flash fiction must tell a complete story and not just narrate an event or series of events. Flash fiction is not an excerpt taken from a short story or a novel, it is on its own a different literary work. Think of it…

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