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JMantzel-You can do anything!!!!

Chicken Whisperer Justin Rhodes at Seed Savers Exchange

One of the most genuine and positive people I have ever observed, Uncle Mullet!


Snippets 84

A Farewell to Arms-Ernest Hemingway

If people bring so much courage to this world the world has to kill them to break them, so of course it kills them. The world breaks every one and afterward many are strong at the broken places. But those that will not break it kills. It kills the very good and the very gentle and the very brave impartially. If you are none of these you can be sure it will kill you too but there will be no special hurry. (226)

Snippets 81

Neil Gaiman-Trigger Warning-From Short Story “The Sleeper and the Spindle”

The old woman passed a mother, asleep, with a baby dozing at her breast. She dusted them, absently, as she passed, made certain that the baby’s sleepy mouth remained on the nipple.
She ate her meal of turnips and greens in silence. (243)

Two weeks from mission complete.

Two weeks from mission complete. I’ve been on hiatus from computer, running operations. Shut the internet down. Felt good. For years now, about six, ever since we bought our first house, or rather got a mortgage on a house, wife and I have pined for the country life. Big lots, less people density, farm-stuff, crazy gardens, chickens, maybe a pig or two, who knows? Things had reached a feverish pitch roughly two months ago. As our kids are getting older 2, 4, and 6, change is looking less scary and more revitalizing. We came to the conclusion we would start trying to sell our house in February of 2017, but as we sat there one night and thought about it more, like the fact it could take several months or more to get it done, and no better time then the present, and really what was stopping us? We knew a lot of course (Contingent Contracts, Winter, etc.), and it has ended up being a lot, but none the less, here we sit, two weeks from closing on our current house and a new farm house on December 23, 2016.

It’s sort of remarkable really. I’m still in the whirlwind of it all to relate it appropriately. There’s secrets in all this. Which I will relate for a small fee. If you’re a cheaper, wiser man, I will tell you the key right now. The key is best summed up by the title of book I read once, by Susan Jeffers called Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway. That’s it. Dreams always hold this element of fear. You fear you and it won’t live up to your expectations, you fear the hard work and change a dream might entail. Your Will scans for hurdles as you plot the course, and highlights easiest solution to these hurdles, which can often make giving up seem like the best option. But it’s not, feeling that fear, rolling in it, chewing on it, sucking back the sickening slurp and hocking it out, and doing what you want to, is the best feeling you’re gonna find, I say. I think the only exception is stupid stuff, like really stupid stuff, jumping out of plane, no parachute. But maybe that’s the key to flying, Faith of a mustard seed and all that.No, physical safety first, then any unreasonable, but awesome dream should be pursued.Forget the rest of it.

It’s practical too. You pursue a dream, and you will learn skills which help in other areas. Maybe guitar won’t make you immediately rich and successful, but all that practice, focus, and pleasure in progress, leads to a person who can accomplish even more challenging tasks.

Then one day you’ll hold the guitar, or the paintbrush, or hammer, and you’ll realize your doing things you didn’t know how to do before. To be great you have to do something that will make you scared. Seems some important paradox in that. Just too damned excited about it all to pontificate more. Ill be back…

P.S. Just knocked back some heavies ones in the Literature realm, Lolita, Orxy and Craker,   As I Lay Dying, The End of Eternity, amazing works, so much to say in response may have to do a dangers of Padding the Reading Part 2. Dystopia had a me a little worn thin in all that though, had to look away, Lot’s wife.  But that’s the true power of the bitter pill, there’s secrets there too, I think. Every read any of those? Let’s talk about them!

Snippets 80

Neil Gaiman-Trigger Warning-From Short Story “The Man Who Forgot Ray Bradbury”

I learned your books. Burned them into my mind. In case the firemen come to town.

But who you are is gone. I wait for it to return to me. Just as I waited for my dictionary or for my radio, or for my boots, and with as meager a result.

All I have left is the space in my mind where you used to be.

And I am not so certain about even that. (139)

Snippets 79

One Flew Over the Cuckcoo’s Nest-Ken Kesey

As the doctor waits, a silence rears up from out of the nurse and looms over everybody, daring anybody to challenge it. I know McMurphy can’t because he was in on the planning of the carnival, and just as I’m thinking that nobody will be fool enough to break that silence, Cheswick, who sits right next to McMurphy, gives a grunt and is on his feet, rubbing his ribs, before he knows what happened.

“Uh–I personally believe, see”—he looks down at McMurphys’s fist on the chair arm beside him, with that big stiff thumb sticking straight up out of it like a cow prod–”that carnival is a real good idea. Something to break the monotony.” (92)

Snippets 78

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest-Ken Kesey

But the thing is she can’t be on the ward all the time. She’s got to spend some time Outside. So she works with an eye to adjusting the Outside world too. Working alongside others like her who I call the “Combine,” which is a huge organization that aims to adjust the Outside as well as she had the Inside, has made her a real veteran at adjusting things. She was already the Big Nurse in the old place when I came in from the Outside so long back, and she’d been dedicating herself to adjustment for God knows how long. (23)

Snippets 77

Demon Box-Ken Kesey

The minister gave me a wry grin. “Fruits and berries, brutes, and fairies,” he sang in a sad voice. “Hot and hysterical and hopin’ for a miracle. Did you hear that Cleaver is Born Again? Did you hear that they are trying to change the name of Earth People’s Park to Gay People’s Gardens? Oh, what has become of our Brave New Berkeley of Yesterday, comrade?” (209)

The Seven Moons of Endi (Short Fiction)

“The question was why you want them?” Princess Vanera didn’t like her Chief Advisor’s tone. The “them” in question were the Seven Moons of Planet Endi, hundreds of light years away from their present location. It would requite an embarrassing amount of effort and time to achieve them. The fact it was impossible and expensive didn’t mean it was prohibited, just that it needed a stated purpose. From the Princess.

The why was self-evident. The dark blue planet spun, a rich water source, worth the trip alone. But then the seven perfect moons of equal size, stuffed with rare minerals and biological organisms. Her experts would have a field day. She would be praised by them. But that wasn’t the real why. The real why, truthfully, was because it was pretty.

“Are they not mine to want?” She finally answered. She sat in the middle of her large square bed. Endi rolled right in front of her. The moon circled them. The advisor sat on a silver chair in the corner. “Of course, but for our action plan–”


“Well, of course, but there are a number of other valuable resources in our area. As your Highness is well aware, the beta-matter in quadrant four of the nearest stare system has been the primary focus.”

“They have enough beta-matter to devastate a dozen galaxies. These ships need water.”

“Your Highness’ current vessel is at capacity.”

“Not mine Nimrod, everyone else’.”

“Your Father is securing the resource.”

Silence. Of course you could hear nothing from the half man, half computer sitting there, but his slow breath in and out. Princess Vanera felt like she could hear his brain though, working through it. It knew it shouldn’t push the Father issue. But his presence was there, sitting right on top of the whole thing. She could do as she wished, as long as he agreed. There it was. Prohibition. Restriction. “Make it primary objective.”

“Indeed your highness. Shall I cancel you meeting with the eminent Chief Council of His Holy Fire?”

She’d forgotten she’d sent for him. It would be untoward to leave him dangling in vacant space. A bad first step with Father. It was better to file the order. Make preparations and have it out, then proceed. “No, make the launch time a day after his arrival. Our meeting will be brief.”

“As you wish.” There was more gear spinning. She watched the man. He sat there perfectly straight, arms out on his legs. He seemed to be watching Endi’s dance with her beauties. She hope he saw it like that. She hoped he understood the why.

She sat watching them all roll until she was sleepy, and then she shut it off. Invisible machines tended to her. Covering her up, patting her pat. It smothered her in aroma therapy and mild narcotics, and she sleep for almost twenty hours. She was roused by visible hands, which transformed the room and prepared her. Washed, dried, dressed, she was placed on her platform and transported through her ship.

They meet in her dining room. Her Father’s Chief Advisor was an ancient Pleiadian, an Uncle from her Mother’s side. He sat eating in barbaric fashion, crude utensils stabbing at the re-hydrated grub packed from his village. He ignored her as he finished, grumbling muttering to himself. He grabbed a chunk of swab, and stuffed his cheeks with it. Then he addressed her. “The Pervading Holy Fire applauds his Daughter’s large ambition. And offers two of his Universe Crushers to assist in her activities.”

She tried to stop herself from smiling at the generous offer. Father had approved. “He order only one slight amendment. That Her Holy Endowment will finish her securing of the betamatter of quadrant four.”

“Years, that would take years to accomplish.”

“Indeed,” he said, sucking back the toxic juice. “But what is time to us dear cousin?”

“Right, Uncle, well I’m afraid I will be unable to fulfill this request. The order has been given. Preparations have been laid. I’m sure Father can send a team to finish the task. We will leave hold systems in place.”

“Stop the games silly girl.” Slurp. “You will follow the order. Or your Father will seize the ships. Disable this crew. And pull you in.”

“He wouldn’t dare.” Slurp. “It would be a blemish on his legacy. They didn’t believe a Daughter should be a Sovereign, but he went and made me one. He won’t stop me.”

“I can stop you right now. He already gave me the authority.”

“Order Eight-Four. VIP 1.” With her word the ship enveloped the man in a control chamber and sucked him deep into the bowls of the ship, where he would be transported in hypostasis with the rest of the biologicals. She sat in the now quiet dining hall. Her advisor came in and sat down. His eyes were blinking at an incredible speed. Then from its mouth came the voice of her Father. “He’s a slob, but that’s no reason to freeze him.”

“He made a threat on the Captain of this Vessel.”

“He did not, Cat,” a nickname she hated, “please let him go. Secure quadrant four and  then have your treasure. Please. There are serious matters at stake here.”

“I’m taking him to Endi.”

“Cat, stop that, please. I need him to run several other errands. Stop this.”

“He’s insurance. So you don’t stop me.”

“Insurance? Stop you? You’ve gone mad. Deep space sick. I’m about to pull you in.”
Her advisor’s finger began to tap on the table. “Let him leave or I pull you in.”

“Order 88.” He Chief advisor shut down. Her vessel went into Executive Function. She stood there a minute. Waiting to see if the program would hold. She imagined her Father bombarding her tech’s security forces. Her batteries downstairs would be heating up under the pressure. Sort of thing that could send a ship into meltdown. She waited for her alerts but they didn’t come.

Everything was quiet, peaceful, perfect. Just like she liked it. She got off her transport and made the walk back to her room. The Moons and Endi spun, waiting for her.

Moon-Day Musings

First thing in the morning, found a dead rabbit next to the truck. Seems like a bad omen. I note it, but pushed forward ont he emergency coffee run. What else can you do?

I grab it later, with a latex glove on. I get my two little guys into the truck without them seeing it. Cold and heavy, it still looks alive as it lays there. Sort of freaks me out. I expect it to maybe jump up when I grab it, but of course it doesn’t. March back to the border lands, toss it into the bush. Maybe whatever got it can finish it or something else.
World getting tense, but I feel a positive shift personally. Maybe, let’s not jinx it.

Stacked the reading list with shorter works, or what I like to call, “padding the reading list”. A dangerous technique, that I’ve discussed before. I’ve taken down twenty-eight book for the year, which leaves me two behind on my goal of thirty six.  Just finished Trigger Warning by Neil Gaiman. That was great. Got me in the mood to write a bunch of short stories. There a lot easier to finish too, which is fun. Maybe I’ll share them here.

Monday, Moon-Day. I like Mondays. Really like the moon too. Read today, about this corporation Moon Express, which is making the first private company to have the US governments approval to conduct business on the moon. What sort of business you might ask? Oh you know collect some moon dust, transport items for other parties, like satellites or even infrastructure for other moon missions. At best sound like a bunch of non-sense, at worst it seems very strange and almost smoke screen-ish. First of all don’t think an inflated bubble market on moon dust helps anyone. Secondly, the moon is beneficial to the Earth itself so just sort of having an open door policy to a private corporation to mine it, sounds like a bad idea. Obviously in the short term they would be talking about mining small amounts. But history proves this sort of thinking is fraught with peril. Once possession and precedent are established its very hard to get people’s greedy little paws of it. The worst element is that this doesn’t make a bit of fucking sense!!!

NASA is taking a secondary, non-enforceable, advising role in the endeavor. Also the idea that a company is acting privately, but had to be explicitly approved by a bunch of Federal agencies, seems contradictory in way. More over why hasn’t NASA and the government itself capitalized on these potential earning and developments. From this article:

While the challenges of getting to the moon today pale in comparison to the Apollo program—Moon Express’s first mission will cost about $25 million versus the more than $100 billion spent the first time—many legal hurdles remain. Earth orbit and outer space are governed by UN treaties made when reaching the moon was a herculean national task, not a challenge for entrepreneurs with VC funding.

I am a simple person. But this doesn’t make sense. I went and checked the wiki and total budget from 1958-2015 is sort of 526 Billion and some change, or about 9 billion a year. And when you read further it’s actually edging on a trillion! A fucking trillion dollars in sixty some years. Wrap you nugget around that! And you really believe they are just putzing along, doing some math and chemistry in some basement somewhere? And now finally, as there are numerous private entities rushing into the space business, and slowly people just keep waking up to the cosmos and the fantastic reality around them, they just decide to let this lucky company Moon Express make this big step forward. The clear headed begin to say this doesn’t make sense. Again, simple, stupid man questions. But after the first successful Apollo mission, why didn’t we go back? Somewhere in the that trillion. Once even, to get this elusive Moon-Dust business up and running? Anyway, the Moon is amazing. A lot of great stuff out there about it. Check out Richard C. Hoagland and Mike Bara’s book Dark Mission, for further reading.