Ode to the Moon 

Offering of Fruits To The Moon Goddess

I’ve been praying to the moon for the last few nights, watching it as I do my farmer chores. I love seeing the moon out in the day, the light. The relationship of the sun and the moon, the cosmic evidence of yin-yang. How they penetrate and define each other. The moon glows with the sun’s light. The moon stands sentient while the sun does its dance with the earth. How duller would the earth be without that transforming phantom holding court above us, urging us on. And it does urge. The wild life surges with activity as the light causes the moon to glow. A planetary lantern. This heavenly glow that keeps time in slices. I can’t get through the full prayer looking at it, I have to avert my attention, with a sort of shame. Praying like that like meditation, much harder than it should be. How long can you stare at the moon and say thank you?